Annuity Facts - Secret Tips to Learning More About Annuities in 30 Minutes Than Your Banker Or Agent Does That Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars On Your Investments.

Michigan Annuity Agent, Tony Bahu Infuriates The Annuity Industry By Revealing Little Know Secrets About Annuities, The Agents And Insurance Companies That Sell Them And Why What They May Be Telling You Could Be Totally Wrong.

December 14, 2004 -- Tony Bahu, creator of a brand new report 'Shocking Secrets About Annuities Your Bank And Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know About' is sick... sick of seeing honest people like yourself getting ripped off by dishonest or mis-informed annuity agents in his industry.

The fact is, in a industry that is supposed to help protect your finances, it is stomach wrenching for him to see so much misguidance, poor judgment, and just flat-out lying by so called industry experts. If you think you know all about annuities just because your agent or banker explained it to you... then you better think again.

Now don't get me wrong. There are some very hard working and honest agents out there, but without an in-depth knowledge of how annuities work and which type is best for you and your family then you could be setting yourself up for financial disaster. Since agents are paid a commission on the sale of an annuity (some earn very hefty fees) it could lead you in being misguided into an annuity that can be totally wrong for your investment plan or lifestyle.

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Making a wrong decision on a annuity can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Money that belongs to you and your family, not your agent or the insurance companies. If you are seriously thinking about investing in annuities then you need to know as much as you can about them. Like the one annuity that you must own, or how to get out of a bad annuity without the tax consequences, why Medicaid friendly annuities may be all hype, and how your annuity is being doubled taxed and what you can do about it.

Did you also know that there is one type of annuity that you should almost never own unless you feel like gambling, and why a minimum guarantee clause may do you more harm then good. Do you know what an index annuity is and exactly why your agent may not be telling you everything about this type of investment. Tony wants to show you exactly how to ask your agent all the right questions so you can get the right answers.

By learning the inside secrets of the annuity industry you can be assured of making an informed decision on the best investment for your family. One example Tony shows you can leave your beneficiaries with more money then what is in your account. This one tip alone will amaze you. One of Tony's satisfied customer's writes "Tony, I was skeptical at first before I purchased your information. I'm glad to say that I was wrong for even doubting what you promised. I'd pay twenty times more knowing what I know now. Thanks again.
-Mary Lawson, California".

So if you want to gain an unfair advantage over your agent that will show you clearly what the best annuity is for you, and how to properly structure it to have more spendable income while increasing the amount left to your beneficiaries then go to: for more information.

About the author. Tony Bahu, a long time professional annuity agent is a hard working family guy who wants to better inform the public about annuity investments so you can make smart and informed decisions on your investments without getting ripped off by greedy or misinformed annuity agents and their companies.

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