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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Annuity - Surabian: Understanding annuities Stoughton

Surabian: Understanding annuities
Stoughton Journal, MA - Jul 28, 2006 By Ronald Surabian/ Law Review. Annuities are one of the most popular investment purchases today. People Why are annuities so popular? One

Sanford insurance agent gets 14 years for annuities scam, NC - Jul 31, 2006 On March 2, 2005, police arrested Cowden at his home after investigators discovered he defrauded a longtime friend into investing $50,000 in bogus annuities.

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Chicago Daily Herald (subscription), IL - 3 hours ago Will sell Fixed Rate Annuities and make referrals of alternative investment opportunities to Wealth Management and Financial Assurance Reps.

Government threat to restrict the alternatives
Financial Times, UK - Aug 11, 2006 Suggestions by Treasury ministers that ASPs were only intended for people with religious objections to annuities, such as members of the Christian Brethren


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