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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Equity Index Annuities - annuities can come back

Equity indexed annuities can come back to bite you if cash needed
Town Hall, DC - Aug 7, 2006 What the woman with the bad molars had bought was an equity indexed annuity. Promoters attract unsophisticated investors by suggesting

Variable Annuities and Why They Make Sense
Devine Media, NJ - Jul 21, 2006 It is the most conservative annuity investment available. Equity-indexed annuities are fixed annuities whose return is not a guaranteed rate of return but

Equity index issuer pins slump on NASD
InvestmentNews, NY - Aug 14, 2006 Equity index annuities already are subject to comprehensive regulation by the fixed-annuity and fixed-index-annuity line for "Since fixed indexed annuities are

American Financial Group Announces Record Second Quarter and Six
MSN Money - Aug 1, 2006 At the end of the 2006 second quarter, shareholders' equity (excluding unrealized primarily reflects the re-entering of the indexed-annuity market, beginning


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